In a land with no stars or spots
was born a prince with polka dots...
Keegan Peace, The Polka Dot Prince
Keegan Peace, Author, The Polka Dot Prince
My Story

Keegan Peace is an author of children's literature. A teacher from Ipswich, Queensland - Keegan is passionate about teaching children about social issues through storytelling. It is Keegan's hope that his stories will find their way into the hearts and minds of his readers from all ages, and help inspire other storytellers and dreamers like himself.

My Book

The Polka Dot Prince is a children's picturebook about identity, expectations and being true to oneself. In a world full of zig zags, is born a prince of polka dots! But, when all his mother wants is for him to fit in - how can he be himself? This heartwarming tale about acceptance, self-respect and living up to expectations is perfect for any child or adult reader that wants to take a trip into the wonderful world of zig zags and polka dots. Written by Keegan Peace and illustrated by Larisa Ivankovic.

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Keegan Peace, The Polka Dot Prince, Author, St Augustine's College